Book of the Month – December 2019

Book of the month presented was AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary: 200 Modern Knitting Motifs by Andrea Rangel. A book of stranded motifs you might incorporate in your knitting, everything from sheep to geometrics.

Book of the Month – November, 2019

The Book of the Month for November is Knitting Architecture: 20 Patterns Exploring Form, Function, and Detail by Tanis Gray. The book features sweater constructions that are based on architecture designs. The Bird’ Nest Shrug by Tanis Gray is based on Bird’s Nest stadium in Beijing, China; the Hotel Tassel Wrap by Åsa Tricosa is…

Book of the Month – October, 2019

The Book of the Month, Learn-To-Knit Afghan by Barbara Walker, was presented by Patti Reyes. Barbara G. Walker is considered to be one of the most important knitters of the 20th Century. She published over 1000 stitch patterns in her Treasury of knitting Series, and this book was written to inspire knitters of every skill…

Book of the Month – September, 2019

The Book of the Month, 365 Knitting Stitches a Year: Perpetual Calendar, was presented by Ann Leiboh. Ann uses the book to design her own scarves and baby blankets. For baby blankets she would ask the parents to select patterns from the book and she would incorporate it into the blanket. Sometimes she use the…

Book of the Month – August, 2019

The Book of the Month was presented by Mariellen Boss. She looked through her knitting books and picked up the ones she has used a lot in the past. One of the books is a Coats & Clark’s book, Book no 192, on Socks, Mittens and Accessories. This book is still relevant today and she…

Book of the Month – June, 2019

The Book of the Month, The Art of Crochet Blankets by Rachele Carmon , was presented by Ann Oswald. The book takes inspiration from art forms like Weaving, Digital Design, fabrics, Quilting, Paper Art and Tiles and convert the designs in to crochet patterns.

Book of the Month – May, 2019

The Book of the Month, Knitting for Anarchists by Anna Zilboorg, was presented by Cathleen Jolley. The book discusses the why and how of knitting and encourages knitters to use methods they are most comfortable with. She also presented Splendid Apparel: A Handbook of Embroidered Knits by Anna Zilboorg. The book features 18 full patterns…

Book of the Month – April, 2019

The Book of the Month, Diagonal knitting: A different Slant by Katharine Cobey, was presented by Carol Listenberger. The book has appeal for people who dislike stitch by stitch patterns since it emphasizes creativity rather than the size and shape of the item  being dependent on the cast on.        

Book of the Month – February, 2019

The Book of the Month, Cast On, Bind Off: 211 Ways to Begin and End Your Knitting, was presented by Joanne Hunt. She found the book to be a constant reference for her knitting projects.