About Us


Guild Membership is open to any person interested in fiber arts—such as knitting and crocheting. We definitely encourage snow birds to join us.

Membership includes the following:

  • All guild business meetings and programs (Fees may be charged for special classes or visiting teachers.)
  • Guild announcements and newsletters
  • Access to the Guild patterns via the website
  • 10% Discounts at participating area yarn shops
  • Name Badge
  • Membership card
  • Knitting Guild of the Desert knitting bag
  • Learning and sharing with other knitters

Meetings are generally held on the 1st Monday of every month at the UC Riverside campus located at Frank Sinatra and Cook in Palm Desert @ 9:30. Exceptions are made for holidays and availability of facility.

Our Guild year is January 1 through December 31 and membership dues of $40 cover one year. There is a onetime set-up fee of $25.00 upon application.

People are welcome to join by attending a regular meeting, completing an information form, and paying dues and set-up fee. Use the Contact form to request the information form and where to mail the dues or pay the dues at a regular Guild Meeting. Cash or check is an acceptable form of payment.

For further information you may contact us by using the Contact page.

Our Mission and Bylaws



The mission of the Knitting Guild of the Desert is to promote and improve the craft of knitting.  The Guild will be of assistance to the community through philanthropic knitting projects.  The Guild will operate within the guidelines set by The Knitting Guild of America.


Section 1:  Name and Affiliation

  1. The official name is the Knitting Guild of the Desert
  2. The Guild of the Desert will maintain membership in The Knitting Guild of America.

Section 2: Purpose

  1. The purpose of the Knitting Guild of the Desert is to promote and encourage the craft of knitting.
  2. Members will be given opportunities to improve their skill, learn from other knitters and gain both confidence and experience
  3. The Guild will seek charitable knitting projects in the larger community, knitting for those in need and teaching the skill of knitting.


Section 1:  Any person interested in knitting may become a member.
Section 2:  Membership dues, expectations and benefits are set by the Board.
Section 3:  The Guild may not obtain a business license or tax number for the purpose of buying or selling goods.


Section 1:  The officers are: President, First Vice President – President Elect, Vice President – Special Events, Vice President – Monthly Program, Vice President – Membership, Secretary and Treasurer

Section2:  Any officer absent from meetings for more than three months may be replaced  by a special election.

Section 3:  The President

  1. The President will preside at all meetings, both membership and board meetings.
  2. The President is an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.
  3. The President will appoint the members of all committees and oversee the work of all people working on behalf of the Guild.
  4. The President will approve all communications sent to the general membership by any officer or committee.
  5. The President will maintain a membership in TKGA, paid by the Guild treasury.
  6. In the absence of the President, either vice president may serve.
  7. The President may serve no more than 4 terms in office. Other officers are not term limited.

Section 4:  First Vice President – The President Elect

  1. The First Vice-President is the President Elect.
  2. The First Vice President will work closely with the President.
  3. The First Vice President will become President when thee sitting President retires.

Section 5:  Vice President – Special Events

  1. The Special Events Vice President is in charge of arranging and hosting Workshops, outings and other one of a kind events.
  2. The Special Events Vice President will work with the Program Committee as needed, however Special Events need to be approved by the Board

Section 6:  Vice President – Monthly Program

  1. The Monthly Program Vice President is chair of the Program Committee.
  2. The Monthly Program Vice President arranges and/or presents programs at all regular meetings of the Guild.

Section 7:  Vice President – Membership

  1. The Membership Vice President is the chair of the Membership Committee.
  2. The Membership Vice President will make sure membership applications are available at all Guild gatherings.
  3. The Membership Vice President  will maintain or oversee the maintenance of the email database.
  4. The Membership Vice President will maintain or oversee the roster, making sure it is correct and current.
  5. The Membership Vice President will maintain or oversee the name tags, making them available at Guild functions.

Section 8: Secretary

  1. The Secretary will take minutes at all Guild and Board meetings. Minutes will be distributed in a timely manner, with the approval of the President. The Secretary will make certain every member receives copies of each meeting’s minutes.
  2. The Secretary will send notices about Guild events in a timely manner.
  3. The Secretary will work with the Membership Vice-President, the President, and the roster keeper to insure records are in proper order.
  4. The Secretary will also serve as Corresponding Secretary, sending thank you notes and/or letters of inquiry as requested by the President or the Board.

Section 9:  The Treasurer

  1. The Treasurer receives all monies paid to the Guild.
  2. The Treasurer  will pay bills promptly at the direction of the President and/or the Board.
  3. The Treasurer will make monthly reports to the board and the general membership, reflecting all expenses and income.
  4. The Treasurer will maintain the checking account. The President and the First Vice President will also be a signatory on the account.
  5. The Treasurer will work with the board and create an annual budget. The budget will be approved by majority vote at the Annual Meeting.

Section 10:  The Board

  1. The seven elected officers, President, First Vice President, Special Events Vice President, Monthly Program Vice President, Membership Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer constitute the Board.
  2. The Board is in charge of the management of the Guild.  They will meet on a regular basis. They are empowered to spend money on programs and events that are directed toward and/or benefit Guild members and the Guild charity projects.
  3. Any expenditures directed outside the Guild must have the majority approval of the entire membership.
  4. A quorum at a board meeting is three members.
  5. The term of service begins  April 1st and ends March 31st of the following year.


Section 1:  Nominating Committee

  1. At least 3 Guild members are appointed by the President to serve as a nominating committee.
  2. The Committee will find one person to fill each Officer position.
  3. The nominees are presented to the Guild at the February meeting and are elected at the March meeting.

Section 2:  Program Committee

  1. The Program committee plans and presents programs at each regular meeting of the Guild. These programs are chosen to teach the members about the craft of knitting and/or the work of the Guild.
  2. Additionally the Program Committee can work with the Special Event Vice President to sponsor workshops with Nationally known teachers, classes taught by local teachers and other events that promote the Guild and knitting in the larger community.

Section 3:  Charity Knitting Committee

  1. The Charity Knitting Committee is charged with finding and overseeing the Guild’s charity knitting projects.
  2. The Committee will insure that charity knitting projects are available to all members.

Section 4:  Press and Public Relations

  1. The Press and Public Relations committee will inform the public about the program and projects of the Guild, through press releases to the radio and newspapers, placing posters in yarn shops and other venues, as well as placing the Guild into local listings of events and clubs.

Section 5:  Website Committee

  1. The Website committee will maintain and oversee the Guild website, keeping it current and making sure all information is correct.

Section 6:  Parliamentarian

  1. The President will appoint one or more members to serve as Parliamentarian at all meetings of the Guild.
  2. The Parliamentarian will rely upon Robert’s Rules of Order.

Section 7:  Other Committees

  1. The President and the Board may appoint committees, charged with specific and time limited duties as needed.


Section 1:  The Guild will meet monthly.  Meetings will include conducting the business matters of the Guild and offer an educational program to improve or enhance skills.


Section 1:  The Annual Meeting of the Guild will take place in March. The officers will be elected at this meeting.  The budget will be approved.
Section 2:  Special meetings of the membership may be called by 2 members of the Board, or any 10 members of the Guild.
Section 3:  Members must have at least 10 days notice about meetings. The notice must include full information on the business to be considered.


Section 1:  Members must pay annual dues in order to be considered active.
Section 2:  The amount of the dues is set by the Board with the approval
of the membership.
Section 3:  Individuals who join from January – June are asked to pay the full yearly dues.  Those joining from July-December may pay a pro-rated amount (half the yearly amount) plus the initiation fee.
Section 4:  Members will be given membership cards which may be used in local yarn shops for the Guild discount.
Section 5:  Members are encouraged to participate in all aspects of Guild life; meetings, classes, social knitting gatherings and charity knitting
Section 6:  Members are all encouraged to publicize the existence of the Knitting Guild of the Desert.
Section  7:  Members are encouraged to join the Knitting Guild of America.


Section 1:  Thirty percent [30%] of the members in good standing will
constitute a quorum.  This applies to regular and special meetings.


Section 1:  These bylaws will be effective after a majority vote by the members at a meeting, regular or special, called with proper notification to all active members.
Section 2:  These bylaws may be amended by a 2/3rds vote of those members present at a properly called meeting.


Section 1:  Robert’s Rules of Order will be used to properly conduct meetings and resolve disputes of order and procedure.



  1. The Guild will meet the first Monday of each month, unless a holiday requires the Guild to meet on the second Monday. Members will make reservations as requested by the Board. Members will pay for their own lunches and beverages.
  2. An updated roster of active members will be sent to all members regularly.
  3. The Guild data base will be used for Guild business only. No one may use the data base for personal reasons. All notices must have the approval of the President. No one may give out personal information on a member to an outsider without the permission of the individual whose information is requested.
  4. Each officer will keep a record of their work in office to pass along to successors.
  5. Each new member will be asked to pay an initiation fee which covers the cost of the name tag and the Guild Bag, in addition to the membership dues.