Book of the Month – October, 2019

The Book of the Month, Learn-To-Knit Afghan by Barbara Walker, was presented by Patti Reyes. Barbara G. Walker is considered to be one of the most important knitters of the 20th Century. She published over 1000 stitch patterns in her Treasury of knitting Series, and this book was written to inspire knitters of every skill level including the beginner. It contains patterns for over 60 squares that fall into one of eight categories: knit-purl, mosaic, slip-stitch, twist-stitch, cable, increase-and-decrease, lace and special techniques. It promises that by completing the afghan, knitters can learn all the basic knitting skills that are likely to be encountered. The afghan is quite large if made with worsted weight yarn; finer yarn can be used for a smaller version. Patti learned to knit using the book and showed the members her mother’s completed afghan.

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