June 2022 Monthly Round-up

Welcome Guild Members and Friends! The Monthly Round-up is where you’ll find a summary of upcoming guests, workshops, knit-alongs, with topics and links gleaned from our monthly meetings. Please enjoy and feel free to drop us a line with any suggestions or corrections. knittingguildofthedesert@outlook.com

For best viewing, maximize your browser. If you are looking for the slides for show and share, they have moved to the bottom of the monthly round-up.

Upcoming Events

Knitting Guild Meetings

July 11th – Molly Conroy from HOKC (Hands on Knitting Center) Presentation on plant-based fibers

August 7th – Intro to knit Companion

September 12th – Nancy Bates, National Parks Hats

October 3rd – L’Atelier

November 7th – Gina Carlson from Yarnaholics

February 6th – Casapinka! With a class on the 5th

March 6th – Fashion Show/Luncheon

Day Trips

August 29th – Hands on Knitting Center – Lunch and Workshop

Sept 28th – Alamitos Bay Yarn Company – Lunch and Workshop


  • San Diego Yarn Crawl – Sept 9-12 
  • Knit Dizzney – Sept 18th
  • Stitches SoCal, Pasadena – November 12-13


  • Stitches Expo At Home -June 11,12,18, 19


We have reached the moon!

This month: 14,673 yards

June winner is Pamela Sapetto

Mileage maker info, Tracking sheet only

June Knitting Zoo Patterns

June is the month of the Giraffe!

  • National Giraffe Day – Celebrated on June 21st, the longest day of the year for the longest neck
  • There are fewer Giraffes in the wild than African elephants
  • Less than 80,000 Giraffes remain in the world
  • Giraffes have beautiful faces, large eyes, sensitive noses and blue tongues!

Both Patterns this month are free Ravelry Downloads, links below.

The Knitting Zoo would like to have some wonderful examples of animals

❖ Please feel free to knit (or crochet) any animal for the “zoo”, you  don’t have to follow the monthly “animal” and can use any pattern.

❖ Patterns we provide are free and will be posted on our website

❖ Bring your finished animals to any KG of the Desert meeting. You  will be registered for each animal you knit. There will be a special  prize drawing at the luncheon in March for anyone that has knitted  (or crocheted) an animal. 

❖ Animals should be at least 5” in size – no miniatures! 

❖ All animals will become property of KG of the Desert and will be  donated to a shelter (To be announced) after our luncheon in March.\

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