September Monthly Round-up

Welcome Guild Members and Friends! The Monthly Round-up is where you’ll find a summary of upcoming guests, workshops, knit-alongs, the Quarterly Knitting Challenge, Block of the Month, the Monthly Stashbusting Skillbuilder and whatever else grabs our interest that we want to share with you. Please enjoy and feel free to drop us a line with any suggestions or corrections. knittingguildofthedesert@kgodadmin

Media of the Month: Finding Podcasts on Ravelry


We are moving along!! we have reached 35.7% of our goal….

keep up the great work—love seeing all your beautiful projects!!

(80,556 yds to-date, of 225,623 yds—for moon arrival!!!)

Remember for each completed project submitted you get 1 ticket

in the draw!!

Congratulations to this month’s Mileage Maker Draw winner:  Ann Oswald

Click here to Download Mileage tracker PDF

Quarterly Knit Challenge

“Show Us Your Color Inspiration!”

This month we looked at ways to find your color inspiration, and we are putting that into practice for the Quarterly Knit Challenge.


            • A Pillow (with front and back) 

            • 8” Square (minimum) 

            • 5 Colors (minimum) 

            • Any Color Technique 

            • Any stitch pattern(s) 

            • Knit flat or in the round 

            • Include Inspiration Picture 

            DUE DATE: January 3, 2022, Guild Meeting 

September Stashbusting Skill-builder

The Skillbuilder this month is a shadow-knit “Illusion Circle” by Wolly Thoughts

Ravelry pattern Link:

Woolly Thoughts website:

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