May 2021 Monthly Round-up

Welcome Guild Members and Friends! We are trying something new and different to make the website more useful and user friendly. We wanted a spot online to share all programs and events we are producing. The Monthly Round-up is where you’ll find a summary of upcoming guests, workshops, knit-alongs, the Quarterly Knitting Challenge, Block of the Month, the Monthly Stashbusting Skillbuilder and whatever else grabs our interest that we want to share with you. Please enjoy and feel free to drop us a line with any suggestions or corrections.

June Workshop – Carson Demers

Zoom Workshop: “Tips for Knitting Longevity and Comfort”,
by Carson Demers, June 18, 10:30am – noon.
No charge to members.

Book of the Month : The Fabric of Civilization

Denise introduced us to a thoroughly interesting book on the history of textiles and their importance to civilization. Hint; textiles are more consequential to our history than you think!


Let’s keep track of how many yards of yarn/fiber we use in our COMPLETED  projects from April 1, 2021 to February 20th, 2022 and see how far we can  ‘virtually’ travel.  

 24,901 yards is our first target!!! 

That will get us to travel “Around the World”, to ‘virtually’ visit the countries  that have been featured in our member’s “Knitting Around the World”  presentations

Click here to Download Mileage tracker PDF

Quarterly Knit Challenge

The word for April-May is “Loopy”

Each quarter we will be hosting a knitting challenge. A topic will be selected and it will be up to the guild member to interpret that topic into a finished item. The only requirement is that the item be knitted. What the knitter uses as a medium and subject is up to them. 
At the end of the challenge all the items will be displayed and a draw will be made. So put you’re thinking caps on and get creative.

The current “Quarterly Knit Challenge” runs from April 1st 2021 to June 30th, 2021 And the current topic is: “Knit Something . . . . Loopy” Good Luck!! We eagerly await the results.

Eccentricity Knit-Along

Our current Knit-along is Eccentricity by Xandy Peters. This gorgeous shawl makes creative use of a stacked stitches. Learn a new technique along with us and make a colorful shawl. Once you have the first rows of stacked stitches, it becomes rhythmic and gets easier as the shawl increases in size.

Ravelry Link:

Xandy’s link:

May Stashbusting Skill-builder

The stash busting skill builder for may is a convenient little ditty bag, featuring instructions for a twisted cord for the drawstring.

Kim is using hers for extra masks in the car. The larger size can hold a cake of yarn. What will you use yours for?

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