Knitting in the round – continued

Here is Jan’s second installment of Knitting in the Round. This one is with two circular needles.

Knitting in the Round on Two Circular Needles:

Two ways to knit in the round with circular needles
Knitting in the round with circular needles

Here is method #3 for knitting in the round, using double pointed needles.  If you’d like a project to practice your new knitting in the round skills, check out Knitted Knockers.  This is an organization that makes prosthetic breasts for women that have undergone mastectomies or other breast procedures.

Knitting with Double Pointed Needles:

Double pointed needles for beginners
Getting started with DPNs

Here is the last in our series of knitting in the round techniques.  The videos are on the “magic loop”.  It’s a great technique to master as you only have to use one circular needle.  Your knitting is less likely to fall off your needles and it makes your project very portable.  

Magic Loop Knitting

Magic loop – cast on and getting started
Magic loop for small circumference knitting

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