May Meeting – 2020

The topic for our virtual May meeting is to create blocks for charity blankets.

Here are a couple of videos to kick off our May 2020 virtual skills class on joining the knit blocks together. Please plan on completing 4 blocks and join them with any of these methods by the December 2020 meeting. See the example of one of our blankets made by crocheting together knit blocks.

Our December meeting will be a “Block Party” where you get to show-off your blocks and donate them to make a larger blanket/throw for our charity projects .

The “Block of the Month” patterns are found on this site by selecting the ‘Block of the Month’ filter in the Categories drop down at the bottom of the page. The patterns make a finished block of 7 x 9 inches, regardless of the pattern used. The patterns call for worsted weight yarn of any color. Make sure the yarn is machine washable.

Here is the video for how to crochet the blocks together:

Here is a video for how to knit the blocks together:

If you have any questions, please contact us at and we will get back to you by email or phone.

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