June meeting – 2019


  • The Stitch and Pitch event occurred on June 5th at the Palm Springs Baseball Stadium.
  • A trip to the Alamitos Bay Yarn Company is planned for August.
  • The Knit for Fun retreat, organized by Ann Budd, is scheduled for September 19-22. See the Calendar for details.

Community Knitting:

  1. Block of the Month (BOM) – BOM patterns are posted on the website and completed BOM’s are collected by Raquel Harris for assembly and distribution. See the samples below. Blocks are needed.
  2. Preemie Hats – Helen Leonte collects preemie hats, bur no local hospitals are accepting them at this time so hats are not needed at this point.
  3. Charity Yarn – Helen Leonte accepts yarn donations for charity projects.
  4. Sebatian’s Project – Barbara Brown and Janet Dyer collects child size knitted hats for Sebastian’s Project, based on the book Sebastian’s wish , and distributed to local grade school children. Hats must be machine washable. Bright and patriotic colors are most popular but not character hats. Hats are needed. They need at least 500 hats for distribution in 2019.
  5. Twiddlemuffs – Jan Lee collects Twiddlemuffs but they are not needed at this time.
  6. Shawls for Umbrella Ministries – Jan Lee collects shawls for Umbrella Ministries. They give shawls to women who have lost a child. The free Ravelry pattern for these shawls is Herb Garden Shawl by Nettie DiLorenzo. Shawls are needed.
  7. San Jacinto High School – Mary Ann Johnson and Louise Wolf teach students to knit on Tuesday mornings during the school years. Volunteers are needed.
  8. Navy Hats – Mary Ann Johnson collects these.

Show and Share:


The program on UFOs was presented by Jan Runkel. Examples of reasons and resolutions for UFOs could be:

  1. Wrong color – give it away, sell it, add another color, discard project.
  2. Wrong style – pick another style.
  3. Not enough yarn – try online, add another shade of same yarn, add another yarn or texture, find another design.
  4. Do not understand the stitch – get help, change the stitch.
  5. Do not like the stitch – change the stitch, change the style.
  6. Does not fit (anymore) – give it away, rip it, discard project.
  7. Not fun to knit – find something else, if you need to finish it set daily goals.
  8. Do not need it anymore – discard it.
  9. Need to be put together/finished – Learn how, hire someone.

Options for resolving the problems were discussed and members presented some of their UFOs and suggestions were provide on how to proceed.

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