June Meeting – 2018

A Board meeting is scheduled in October to review the budget and future plans. Suggestions can be provided for discussion at this meeting.

The new website is up and running after we regained access to the knittingguildofthedesert.com domain. See the upcoming events or calendar for future events. Feedback can be provided for improvements or enhancements to the website. Pictures to be posted can be sent to knittingguildofthedesert@outlook.com.

The following events took place:

  • Trip to Hands on Knitting Center on June 6th
  • Stitch and Pitch on June 13th

Completed community blankets were shown by Raquell Harris.

The knitting challenge for the November meeting is: “Keeping it Simple“. The guidelines are:
Any item that meets the following criteria:

  • Monochromatic – one color family only
  • Knit and purl stitches only – NO OTHER STITCHES (except cast on and cast off)
  • Increases/Decreases can be used for garment shaping only
  • Any type of fiber
  • Can include different yarn in the same item
  • Item can use any craft, e.g. weaving, knitting, crochet, etc. but must be simple

The Book of the Month was presented by Ann Dunn: Dazzling Knits by Patricia Warner using mitered squares for garments, and Polymer Clay beads by Grant Diffendaffer to make colorful beads and buttons to accent knitwear.

The Designer of the Month was presented by Pieter Strydom: Nadita Swings – user nadita on Ravelry. The Dreambird KAL was highlighted as an example for variety of color usage by the many participants.

Molly Conroy, owner of Hands on Knitting Center in Redlands, provided a very informative discussion on how she became involved in the knitting world and how they manage the yarn store.

In the afternoon workshop Molly taught a class on making a felted yarn bowl.

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