May Meeting

The launch of the new website design was presented. We still need to get the domain name transferred. The events will be updated once we set up the calendar.

A Stitch & Pitch event will be planned as well as a day trip to the Alamitos Bay Yarn Company sometime in August.

Rachel Harris is the new chair of the Charity Blankets and asked for contributions to this effort.

Ann Oswald posed the knitting challenge for the November meeting: “Keeping it Simple“. The guidelines are:

  • Any item
  • Knit and purl stitches only – NO OTHER STITCHES (except cast on and cast off)
  • Any yarn or textures
  • Can include different yarn in the same item
  • Yarn MUST be monochromatic
  • Item can use any craft, e.g. weaving, knitting, crochet, etc. but must be simple

The San Diego Yarn Crawl will take place September 13-16, 2018

The Book of the Month was presented by Mariellen Boss: Self Potrait in a Velvet Dress and Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman.

The Designer of the Month was presented by Andy Berisford: Tim Teasdale – NimbleNim on Ravelry.

Fran Curtis promoted a new project that involves making blankets from the Heart February Block of the Month for the Heartfelt House at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Eugene, OR.

Ann Oswald showed her latest bag creation. For the pattern go to and look for ‘Case in Point”

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