Knitting Around the World – Estonia

In our Knitting around the World segment for December 2020, Linda Bohlinger takes us to lovely Estonia, a country rich in knitting history. Note: The slide controls are in the bottom left hand part of the slide. The smaller right arrow  (>) advances to the next picture.

Future Meetings

UCR has closed its campus through June but that may be extended. Also, there is no guarantee that this “shelter in place” won’t be extended past June, so we decided to error on the safe side to keep our members safe and start up again in September. Virtual Skills Training Series: We all want to…

Virtual Retreat

Oh, the virus & news are frightful, but our yarn is so delightful.  And since we’ve no place to go…another row, another row.  During this time of isolation, let’s keep connected by showing off all our wonderful projects!  You can share pictures of your projects by sending them to the and we will post them on the website….

Charity hats

Here is a small sample of charity hats donated by Gilda Taigman. These were made using a hat machine.

Twiddlemuffs for dementia

Twiddlemuffs are designed for dementia patients to provide tactile stimulation, as well as a method to soothe their agitation.  The muffs are great stash busters and are great for any types of yarn.  Adding ribbons, buttons, flaps, and ruffles just enhance the tactile qualities of the muffs.  Its great to be inventive! Twiddle muff pattern…

Stitches SoCal (Pasadena) 2018

Some attendees at the first Stitches SoCal (Pasadena) event. The event will be held next year again in November. There were many quilts exhibited at the event. One section was dedicated to Prince.

Cost of a knitting pattern?

Here is an interesting article to ponder on as posted by DanDoh Designs. See Cost of a knitting pattern at