Knitting Around the World – South America

In November our knitting around the world journey continued with a trip to South America with Meri McGraw. Note: The slide controls are in the bottom left hand part of the slide. The smaller right arrow  (>) advances to the next picture. 

Knitting Around the World – Iceland

The “Knitting Around the World” for this month is Iceland.  Check out the attachment, which has a description of Icelandic knitting, photos and pattern options. Note the Icelandic sheep with it’s incredible wool coat.

Knitting Around the World – Canada

We are introducing our new monthly segment “Knitting Around the World”.  Each month, we will have a presentation on one country and its knitting history.  This will roll into our theme for next year’s luncheon – “Knitting Around the World”. This month is Canada. Check out the PDF for a fascinating history, along with some…