Upcoming meeting – October 7th

The meeting will take place on Monday the 7th of October at 9:30 am at the University of California, Palm Desert Campus. 

Our Program will be James Cox, of James Cox Knits, talking about Knitting Fashion. See https://jamescoxknits.com.

James Cox returns to the Guild to share his process for creating fashionable knitwear, for women and men.

Receive a list of the sources James—and the entire knitwear industry— follow for color forecasting, trends and new concepts. See examples of what has inspired him and discover how he explores applying a fashion concept to hand knitting. 

He will share how he experiments with the relationship between fiber, yarn, stitch pattern, construction, and detail to produce garments that fully realize his ideas, as well as insights into the growing movement in fashion to embrace sustainability, human safety and environmental sensitivity. View a variety of James’ finished designs, some of which have appeared in Vogue Knitting, Apparel News, and Real Leaders magazines. 

Leave with a summary of what’s on the fashion horizon for 2020—colors, silhouettes, stitch patterns, techniques. Then you can make sure your next project is knit on trend.

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